Magyar Adria Yacht Club
Hungarian Adriatic Yacht Club
Olive Island Marina (44° 05´ 44˝ N, 15° 10´ 32˝ E)

Olive Island Marinais a brand new marina built according to the new concept of Croatian government called "gentle tourism". While the infrastructure offers a full range of services (shops, restaurants, maintenance, parking, etc.) the size and the surroundings of the marina gives a special intimate mood one can only find in the Dalmatian archipelago.

Ugljan Island as an ideal departure point is situated in Central Dalmatia only 15 minutes by ferry from Zadar. The arrival port on the Ugljan-Island called PREKO.

In the Olive Island Marina the guests of the MAY Club may park theirs cars free.

On leaving the Marina one is immediately met with one of the most beautiful areas of the world. No matter whether one heads North or South, the pearls of the Dalmatian archipelago awaitt you in either direction.

MAY Club Office in the Olive Island Marina:
Phone / fax. :    +385 23 268 309
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