Magyar Adria Yacht Club
Hungarian Adriatic Yacht Club
HAJÓHASZNOSÍTÁS (chartermanagement)

Our charter company provides an excellent way of ultimately owing a sea-going boat.

As many of the well-established charter companies worldwide we also offer chartermanagement to individuals who, after a fixed period of time (in our case five years), take delivery of their craft after it has done duty in the MAY Club charter fleet.

You just put down 50% of a new or one of our second hand yacht's price and the balance is taken care of by the yacht's charter income. After the agreed period the yacht is yours.

During the chartermanagement period you will not have to meet running costs, and able to use the boat free in the yearly contracted dates.

Our charter boats are exceptionally well maintained so you can ultimately own a good boat!
Come and look at any of our Bavaria 44 type boats built in 2002! These boats have already served five complete charter seasons and are in very good general condition thanks to the carefull maintenance! Just compare our boats to any five years old yacht and you will surely be convinced!

If you purchase your boat in a chartermanagement construction by MAY Club you may discover the beutiful Adriatic Sea while the value of your money
will surely be saved.


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